Our Gutbiome Ocean Elements Promo Mugs are inspired by the elements of the ocean for ocean lovers.  We know you will love and enjoy making your cuppa reflection time special with one of these snuggled into your hands.


Each mug is individually hand crafted and painted by our Byron Bay artist Brooke Clunie.  This makes every mug unique in shape with it's own splash of colour, just as every wave in the ocean is unique as it sweeps in.  This promotion item is a limited edition and offered only while stocks last.  




GutBiome Ocean Elements Promo Mug


    Ratings & Reviews

    Abby Chin


    In selecting a probiotic, it’s really important that you choose a probiotic that contains the right, diverse set of strains. Manufacturers often list the species, but not the specific strains. A good indicator of a quality probiotic is when you can see all the different strains listed on the product label. The Gutbiome Synbiotic Powder contains 18 strains and it tastes good. It’s effective and easy on the gut. I’ve even used it to make yoghurt and it turned out great. I’m pleased with this product and would highly recommend it.

    Diane Gotts


    When I first found Gutbiome via the Gaps Facebook group I thought maybe I should give it a try. I have type 2 diabetes with fructose malabsorption and mild gastris. I suffer from severe constipation and a sore tummy.
    After taking this for a month I asked what should I be feeling as I don’t feel any different to be told you will need a couple of months for it to show it’s benefits so I brought two more pots, 1 pot lasts a month.
    I put in an order when I was getting low and when I ran out I wondered where my order was to find out I’d made the order but didn’t finalise it!
    Well after a few days without my daily dose I have a sore stomach, I’ve had the sweats and feel awful as if I’ve eaten a massive meal which I haven’t.
    I give this product 11 out of 10. Bide your time for a couple of months and when it takes hold your belly will
    Feel peace. I absolutely love it xx



    We’re loving this product. It tastes great, it’s easy to use and easy to take traveling since it doesn’t need chilled all the time. My kids lick it straight off their hands. It fits in beautifully with our GAPS lifestyle.



    Very happy with this product. I’ve only been using it for a week but have already had significant improvement with my digestion. Tastes good and is great value for money as well



    I love having both prebiotics and probiotics in a powder form so that I can adjust the dose. It even tastes good and my kids love it too.



    INTERPRETATION “the terrain is everything” with the intention of emphasizing the importance of the 'gutbiome' and usefulness of adopting a naturalistic approach to health and wellness. Invasion of bugs and viruses on the immune system is inevitable but successful homeostasis is dependent upon the health state of the terrain (gutbiome) and what exists there to protect the immune system from invaders.

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