What are Synbiotics

‘GutBiome Synbiotic’ is an advanced probiotic and prebiotic formula that includes multiple strains of beneficial microorganisms as well as healthy yeasts to maintain gastrointestinal health and a healthy immune system.  The synergistic nature of GutBiome Synbiotics provides the added benefits of both probiotics and prebiotics to optimise the healthy microorganisms to colonise larger areas of the GutBiome.

A ‘synbiotic’ is identified as a combination of both probiotics and prebiotics. The probiotics are referred to as the beneficial strains of bacteria and prebiotics are identified as the added food source that is required to feed the beneficial microorganisms already existing in the gut as well as the probiotic strains contained within in the probiotic formula. 

Gutbiome prbiotics plus prebiotics.png

Probiotics without the correct amount of prebiotics (listed as an active ingredient) are considered to be less active when they reach the large intestine.  This is because probiotic bacteria in supplements containing prebiotics have shown to be more active when they are provided with an immediate food source from added prebiotics.

Synbiotics help to overcome possible survival difficulties for probiotics by improving the survival of the probiotic microorganisms during the passage through the upper intestinal tract to efficiently implant the colon as well as the overall growth of probiotics and ubiquitous bacteria that are targeted to maintain intestinal health and wellbeing.